Betsy Hicka’s Standard Poodles

As a breeder and exhibitor of quality Standard Poodles, Betsy says this breed is truly her favorite.  “I will breed my Standards every couple of years and when I do, it’s  knowing that all the pups have a home planned for them before they are born.”

This is “Lacey” (formal name Piccadilly’s Aurora’s Debut), a Corded Standard Poodle and no, she didn’t just grow this way. Cords must be started from mats that are separated and shaped over time and after about 1 ½ yrs. you have a wash ‘n wear poodle that is fun to be around. Yes, she can legitimately be shown in an AKC Conformation show like this.


The puppies are here from Lacey and soon to be CH. Piccadilly Harry Potter. Click for more pictures.

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