ALMOST HOME PET RESORT provides a uniquely designed state of the art building that provided totally separated areas for boarding dogs.

Your special pet will enjoy:

  1. Bullet indoor/outdoor runs that are spacious, bright and cheery, and climate controlled. 

  2. Bullet The dogs have access to their outdoor patios throughout the daytime hours. 

  3. Bullet All runs have solid partitions between pets for safety, sanitation, and privacy purposes. 

  4. Bullet At no extra cost, dogs are taken outside 2-3 times a day and exercised off leash in spacious, secure grassy fenced areas on an individual basis, while still able to socialize visually with other canines in adjoining exercise yards. 

  5. Bullet Dogs have clean comfortable bedding provided to them for their sleeping pleasure, and you may bring a few toys and additional items to make them comfortable.

  6. BulletThere is easy listening or jazz or classical music played for them on a 24 hour basis to soothe and comfort them.

  7. BulletOr opt for one of our Suites   



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Boarding Rates
Prices for boarding depend on number and size of dogs, which accommodation  and optional services you choose. Please check out our rates page.

Please call us at
813-654-1166 for more information or stop by for a visit.


For the safety of our guests, we require all dogs to be up to date with the following:


BORDETELLA (canine cough)

vaccination yearly.


As with any quality hotel, Almost Home Pet Resort strongly encourages that you call ahead for reservations especially prior to major holidays and summer months. We accept walk-ins strictly on a space available basis and reservations with deposits will ensure that we are able to accept your pet.  Please call (813) 654-1166 to make your boarding arrangements as far in advance as you can.

For your convenience, on your initial check-in, please download, print, and fill out the boarding contract, and special menu options forms and read the check-in procedures. BoardingContract.pdf prior to your arrival and you can fax the signed copy to us at (813) 655-9104. (Note, you may need to download Adobe Reader)

Also, don’t forget to fax or bring us a copy of your pets current shot records

We will call you to confirm your reservation once received.

In the event you need to cancel your reservation, please call 72 hours in advance, CHECK OUT TIME IS BY 1:00 P.M., however if your pet is groomed the day of check out there is no extra charge after 1:00 P.M.


Pets will be checked for fleas and ticks upon arrival and will be bathed if necessary at the owners expense prior to going into the runs. And, of course, we require your pet to be in good physical health. Any special care or administering of medications needs to be addressed upon check-in time and charges will be accordingly.

Due to our direct contact and daily interactions with your pet, we at Almost Home Pet Resort are trained to notice any physical changes in your pet. In the unlikely event that your pet needs veterinary attention, all means will be made to contact your vet first, or if unavailable, to consult with one of our veterinarians. Any transporting or vet bills shall be paid by the owner at the time your pet is picked up.



Like any quality hotel there is no need to provide your own linens and towels. We provide fleece/comforters for your pet to sleep on and they are washed daily. By all means bring a favorite toy we record everything you bring on each pet's check-in sheet (but sometimes pets like to share their toys and we might have difficulty finding it.)

GOING HOME BATHS: All dogs boarded 3 nights or more will be required to be bathed on the day before departure at the going price.  If the length of stay is greater than 10 days, then additional baths may be given and charged accordingly.


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