What are your hours:

  1. Visiting Hours

  2. M-F, 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.. S10 A.M., to noon except holidays,

  3. Drop-Off (Check-in):

  4. M-F  8 A.M.- 4 P.M., S 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon 
    except holiday weekends*

  5. Pick-Up (Check-out)

  6. M-F 8 A.M.- 1P.M., S 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 Noon (except holidays)

  7. click here for complete hours

How do I contact you?

  1. Contact us: almosthomepetresort@msn.com

  2. Phone (813) 654-1166   Fax (813 655-9104

  3. 514 St. Cloud Ave, N, Valrico, FL 33594

How can I make sure my pet has a happy stay?

Answer:  Take a tour of the facility and bring your pet with you.  Let the people who will be caring for your pet meet and greet.  You should be able to see all parts of the facility rather than thinking, “Oh my, my dog’s going behind closed doors!”  You want to look for cleanliness.  From the time you walk in the front door, there shouldn’t be an objectionable odor.  Make sure you see water dishes that are full and clean, and that dogs have some bedding, air conditioning/heat, and that they have an outside place to go potty.

The animals that you see at the facility should be tail-wagging, vibrant and happy to see visitors.  We say “Happy tail-wagging pets are our best form of advertising.  You also want to meet a friendly, engaging staff who will bend down to say hello to your pet.

What do I have to bring for boarding?

Answer:  We require the pet’s current vaccination history and must be provided to us with a copy from your veterinarian’s office.  To save time, you can fax the records to us at (813) 655-9104.  You won’t need to bring bedding or dishes as we provide that for your pet. (Unless your pet is in the VIP Suites, then you can bring whatever will make them feel more comfy!) You can bring a few toys or chew things for them to enjoy and also some favorite treats.  We ask that you try to provide their regular diet and bring that in individual servings in baggies for the appropriate number of days that they will be staying.  While we do have a high quality of food to feed our guests, we find that there are less digestive upsets if they continue with the diets they are already used to-either way, they will be well fed!

What special affiliations is Almost Home Pet Resort a part of?

Answer:  Almost Home Pet Resort has been an active member of the Pet Care Services Association since 1986 (Formerly known as the American Boarding Kennel Association)

Even before Betsy built the pet resort in 1992, she was going to the ABKA conventions to learn about this business.  Later, she continued her education by completing their Pet Care Technician 1 and Advanced Pet Care Technician tests, and most of her staff has taken the Pet Care Technician I exams also.  We feel it is not enough to just say, “I love animals.”  You need to know good, basic information about sanitation, nutrition, behavior, recognizing symptoms of disease and other problems you might encounter.

Do you have Sunday pick-up?

Answer:  Yes, if your pet is pre-paid at the time of check-in and does not require a full groom on the out-going date.  Our Sunday pick-up hours are from 2-4 pm.  There is no Sunday pick-ups during major holiday weekends that include that Sunday.  The charges will include Sunday afternoon (same as if you picked up on Monday before 1 pm)


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